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Food Safety Policy

The company PETROMYLOS - D. TZANETOU BROS supports by all means the Production and Disposal of Traditional Products, safe for consumption, that meet all legal requirements related to food safety, but also the Codex Alimentarius and the Code of Food and Beverage. Through the training of its staff, the analysis of safety risks of the products it manages, the investment in appropriate logistical infrastructure and the observance of strict personal hygiene measures, it promotes the implementation of the food safety policy. Collaborates closely and honestly with regulatory authorities and other members of the food chain with the ultimate goal of protecting the health of the final consumer.
It is constantly investing in the development of new technologies and techniques that improve the level of hygiene of its products.
It has a plan for managing possible food safety crises, including the possibility of fraud throughout the production process, as well as the timely and complete recall of any non-compliant product.
It trains its human resources while there is a clear division of responsibilities and responsibilities - regarding the safety of its products - within its organizational chart and actively supports the taking of initiative by its staff, while ensuring by all possible means the professional competence of the staff and of its associates on Food Safety.
At the same time, it has an open channel of communication with the customers, in order to ensure the satisfaction of their requirements at every moment of their cooperation, but also with all the interested parties.
The present Food Safety Policy of the company is part of the general economic and business policy of the company. Through its full implementation, the prestige of the organization and its smooth operation is protected.
The company sets annual targets to support Food Safety Policy, which are both realistic and ambitious, helping to improve and update the system.
All the staff of the company is aware of its Food Safety Policy and is obliged to actively participate in its implementation. The Management of the company is committed to support by all means the implementation of its Policy.


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