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Food Safety Policy

PETROMYLOS – ΤΖΑΝΕΤΟΥ BROS company is fully committed to produce and trade Traditional Greek Products, safe to use, meeting all necessary international requirements such as The Codex Alimentarius and the National Code for food and beverages.
This is done consistently by:

  • Educating its personnel,
  • Analyzing possible food safety Hazards linked to its products,
  • Investing in appropriate infrastructure and  
  • Applying strict measures of personal hygiene

The Company acts in good cooperation with the Audit Authorities and the rest of the food industry community in order to protect the health of the consumer.
The Company runs a food safety crisis plan and also an appropriate schedule for overall recalls of any non-conformed products.
The Company trains its human resources and has a clear structure with shared responsibilities recorded at the organization chart.
The Company sets annual food safety goals, which are realistic but also ambitious and contribute to the continuous improvement of the food safety system.  
All the company members are familiar with the company’s food safety policy and also actively involved in its application.
The administration of the company is committed to supporting the food safety’s success by all means possible.